Are Sehun and Luhan from EXO dating

Osen 1 and 2 Published August 6th, Share this on Facebook Tweet this on Twitter Anyone who became a fan of EXO after or might have been confused when they watched older videos and counted more members. These fans would soon learn that EXO started with 12 members but over the years now has 9 members. But the real question is why and how did this happen? When EXO made their official debut back in , they were considered one of the largest boy groups in the industry thanks to their 12 members. Despite the somewhat shocking number of people in the group, they had an almost immediate explosion of popularity. On May 15, , SM Entertainment confirmed that Chinese member Kris had filed a lawsuit against the company to terminate his contract, stating a violation of human rights as the main reason. A few months later in October, Luhan would follow Kris and file his own lawsuit against the entertainment giant to nullify his contract. His decision was based on his own health issues and the feeling that the Korean members were treated differently.

10 Kpop Couples Who Are Confirmed Dating In

Report Story i’m kind of First, I will go through each member and think of something I can share. There is a lot.

1. Chanyeol hits people very hard, he even made D.O cry. 2. Suho cannot cook, apart from making Ramen. 3. Kai is very scared of the heat, so in D.O and Kai’s room, the cold air temperature is very low.

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I can’t believe: EXO react to the other members liking their twin sister (analysis)

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As a fan of a group with as many members as Exo, it’s natural to overlook at least one. To be honest, even with groups of six members, at least one of them manages to slip under my radar.

It has not just changed entire villages and family constructions; it has also reshaped the landscape of dating and marriage. Millions of Chinese women and men go online every day in hopes of finding their Mr. In China, online dating is serious business for many. In a country of 1. Iphone and Android dating apps such as Momo or Tantan comparable to Tinder have become increasingly popular.

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EXO Personalities

Because I have been extremely self-conscious my entire life. Starting in middle school, I had always tried to fit in. I joined cheerleading , the town dance group, gymnastics, and the school band.

Jan 22,  · Now here’s where it gets tricky, there are 3 potential exo members who might be dating her, I’ll give a short breakdown of the 3 members I think.

SO when the Baekyeon dating news first came out in June. I was debating whether or not to write my two cents on it. I wrote about Khunfany because it was more surprising to me… but Baekyeon not so much. But the fact that it has been more than half a year later, and people are STILL upset and going crazy over it, I feel like I might as well share those two cents now. If anything, I thought they would get the most support out of all the soshi members in relationships right now because SO many people shipped them beforehand.

Since they are both my ultimate biases from both groups my fangirl heart was more than content my OTP came true: So whenever there were interviews where they sat next to eachother or concerts where they walked side by side. My understanding is a lot of people shipped them. I think part of the discontent is the fact that Taeyeon is older. Since when was an older girl and younger guy relationship a bad thing.

Is EXO’s Lay Leaving The Group To Join Kris, Luhan And Tao in China

But overall, they are close to each other. Some fans speculate that you and Luhan are dating but you’re not. Kris and Seo-yeon have known each other the longest in EXO as far as they’ve known each other since childhood despite living in different provinces in Canada. They only know each other for this long is because of family friends. When newer fans find out they’ve known each other the longest, they often mistook the two as cousins.

They would also speak to each other in either Cantonese or English so the members don’t understand a word of what they’re saying at all.

The members of NCT have nothing but respect and admiration for the members of EXO. NCT is SM Entertainment ‘s newest group and they have many respected seniors within the company to look up to. However, EXO is one group that the members of NCT just .

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EXO Ships

Be friendly people if you think your bias is in a wrong place go defend them but in a good manner. The Top Ten 1 D. Is there even anything to say. Kyungsoo have improved in all of his comfort zone.

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He was known to be very popular and he also was seen around girls all the time. Luhan seemed TB, like asian hipster, and his dream was to become a singer. Luhan is a cool boy, he has a really cool personality making everyone like him so much. Luhan after debut seems more cute but he wants to be known as manly and handsome. Luhan also seems insecure after he debuted, he even got shouted at by SM for being too shy at the camera.

He seems really mysterious and that he had an interesting life. He seems to have grown more and he seems to be liked more in Korea. After debut, Kris seems to want to act cool all the time, probably to show the people who knew him before that he is now really handsome. Even though he acts cool and seems cool when he first debuted, we can slowly see his inner derp being revealed, Kevin Li coming towards us on the stage.

He was also famous before debut. He knew how to entertain an audience and was overall a fun and hardworking person. Hearing about his girlfriend story shows a different side to Lay.


It’s a secret that Sojin asked me to write this. Idols need to always remember that it’s the fans who bring them to the position they’re at now. They’re so full of themselves. It’s like they can never be quiet about it

Request Guidelines Exo Members Mods Scenarios for the fluffier fans of exo who don’t get many imagines and scenearios leave as many requests and we will get to each of them fully. Just read the guidlines before requesting and if your unsure just ask.

Sep 16, Taeyeon, 26, stated the reason behind the breakup was due to both of their busy and demanding schedules. Taeyeon 26 , Tiffany 26 , and Seohyun Kris, Luhan, and Tao filed separate lawsuits to cancel their existing contracts with the company. While originally made up of twelve members, the group currently performs with nine members. You were very shocked and hurt today because of me, right? I’m very sorry for making you feel things you should not have had to feel.

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This time, the golden voice D. O has been rumored dating Girl’s Day’s member, Sojin. Of course it Sasaeng fans cannot control themselves from following D.

EXO Member Piercing Checklist 5/12 EXO Members have piercings keke, 2/12 are unknown or confusing not enough evidence to say they have a piercing, and 5/12 members do .

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Online Dating in China: Serious Business

The mutual acquaintance stated, “The truth is their love started before the airing of ‘Descendants of the Sun’. The filming began in , so their love started then. This was before ‘Descendants of the Sun’ aired and the staff members were confused as to why Song Joong Ki was there. Even though the schedule would only be for short periods like 1 or 2 days, they would still accompany each other. Before dating with Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo was revealed to have felt uncomfortable with the idea of dating a celebrity.

Despite those feelings, Song Joong Ki put effort into the courtship and she eventually opened up.

This Pin was discovered by Ayumi Jackyta net seohan. Considering the fact that five members of Girls’ Generation are dating or have recently been in relationships, it is likely that other members will be revealed to be in relationships in the future.

Should I try to flirt? When it was finally over he saw you go outside and hug two of your friends. Originally posted by sefuns Luhan: Luhan had a idea that it might be his mate because he was told stories about when people find his mates. When he saw you in the window he had to do a double take before he ran to the window and was staring at you while you walked by. It took him a few seconds to realizes that he should be running after you as he took off running after you as you turned the street looking up to see Suho staring at him weirdly while he is running.

Luhan keeps looking at you with love the whole time. Originally posted by luedeer Kris: Kris then realized he should text D.

EXO – Talking About Girls & Dating (ENG SUB)